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Welcome to Shenanigans Nite Club

Factory Underground Studio is pleased to celebrate the release of Shenanigans Nite Club by our long time-clients Goose. The full length album was produced and engineered by Kenny Cash at Factory Underground Studio. Cash, a longtime Goose collaborator, is responsible for crafting the band’s refined studio sound. Handling all recording/mixing duties for Goose since the band’s inaugural project, Moon Cabin, this project displays yet another leap forward. “The Shenanigans Nite Club album has been quite an endeavor - almost 5 years now,” says Cash. “While in many ways, Moon Cabin was a blueprint to what Goose could be, Shenanigans is a great reflection of what Goose is. A group of great musicians that love to compose, write, experiment, jam, focus, and overall execute,” he added.

The new release from the Connecticut-based rock quintet, comes in the midst of yet another year of seemingly unstoppable upward trajectory for the gaggle. A nine-track collection of music written over the past decade, Shenanigans Nite Club presents musings on a journey through life and a quest for fulfillment, all while saluting the important figures along the way.

Anchored by three singles that put the group’s uncanny knack for genre-bending sonic exploration on full display, the album catalogs Goose’s journey to today. “Spirit of the Dark Horse,” released in March, has garnered legendary status within the band’s faithful fan community. Despite this, the boldly ambitious track – which originated after a “twelve-minute meditation” between co-founders Rick Mitarotonda (vocals, guitar) and Trevor Weekz (bass) – has long been a setlist rarity, featured in only a handful of live performances during the band’s early years. “So Ready,” the album’s second single, landed in April accompanied by a kaleidoscopic, animated music video. Hitting that sweet spot where rock met disco in the late 70s, the slinky funk pocket groove of "So Ready," is made indelible by its catchy wide lapel melody lines and liquified guitars. “Madhuvan,” a 10-minute tonal odyssey, is a live show staple of late that the band shortened for the studio version. Though half as long here, the song still captures the travelogue aesthetic that has made it a fan favorite. Classically Goose in that its groove is as deep as its sense of melody is indelible, "Madhuvan" references the story of Dhruva and his quest for enlightenment, originally written in the Bhagavata Purana. The song is an exploratory journey, examining life's most beautiful offerings and most dangerous pitfalls.



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