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When Content is King, Let Factory Underground Treat You Like Royalty

Factory Underground Media is a unique hybridized media company that offers content marketing solutions and media production services for small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. One of the things that makes us unique in this space is that we are also a content creator as well as a provider of digital marketing services. Handling both the production and marketing activation by our in-house staff, we are able to flexibly customize our work for each client, scaling both our service and our rate to meet tight budgets and deadlines.

Creating unique media content is but the first step. Our talented marketers will help you lay out a social media plan, and digital marketing strategy to utilize this content in order to build exposure for your brand, and drive traffic to your website, store, or product.

Review more of our custom media content produced by our in-house staff:

About Us:

Factory Underground Media is a boutique marketing agency located in the heart of Downtown Norwalk, CT. Our highly creative in-house team of Google-certified digital marketers, content creators, graphic artists and website builders work with all sizes of business from single person proprietorships and artists to larger businesses with complex needs. 

Contact us:

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