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Indie Artist YouTube Video Promotion

At Factory Underground, we understand the challenge facing independent music artists in today’s music business, and most especially in the age of Covid-19. When performing live is not an option, we believe that YouTube Video Promotion is more an important than ever for a band to reach the next level of its career - in building your fan base, reaching the eyes and ears of new listeners, keeping your audience engaged with fresh content, and building your YouTube subscribers.

We are currently offering a package geared toward Indie Artists and here is how it works: at any matching level of promotion that we offer, for every video that you promote, we will promote a second video for 10% off. If you promote three videos, your third video is actually 20% off.

This allows you to not only save money, but allows you to promote different videos on your channel at the same time, introducing new fans to your catalogue! One of the fun things we can do with multiple video campaigns is encourage fans who watch one video to watch another and another. Let’s face it, we have become a world of binge watchers! So if people like one video on your channel - get ‘em watching another!

Here is how to take advantage of this package. Visit the page below and choose the level of video promotion you want to set for your campaign, click Get Started on that button, and when you write to us, please include a link to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter music profile. We will follow you there too - we love connecting with new indie artists from around the world!

Meanwhile, allow us to introduce you to our client Tom The Suit Forst, a blues musician from Connecticut. We started promoting him 3 years ago, at that point he was only 8 years into his career, which did not begin until he was 57 years old.

He hired Factory Underground Label Services to handle his public relations, social media, web design, merchandising, video production, video promotion, and even producing a weekly podcast that has done over 60 episodes!

He has since been featured on television newscasts, on the covers of major news papers, even featured on His recent album (produced by Ethan Isaac at Factory Underground Studio) received praise from American Blues Scene magazine, and several other prominent publications.

His music video for “Late Night Train,” directed and produced by Factory Underground Studio and promoted by Factory Underground Media, has to date received over 230,000 views.

Tom The Suit Forst is just one example of the high level of Artist Development Services that you can find at Factory Underground. At any level of your career, Factory Underground is your professional team to take you to the next step in your career. Your success is our success!

Tom The Suit Forst on the set of ”Late Night Train”



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